Travel Writing

Tom Mangold has written travel articles for the Mail on Sunday and Independent on Sunday. Here are a selection of extracts.

Discovering Marrakech Old and New!
Tom visits this historic city and discovers both sides
(August 2018)

Nicaragua discovered!
A trip through the Panama Canal leads to a surprising revelation
(September 2017)

montserrat The island rising from the ashes
The Caribbean island enjoying a tourism fightback
(December 2016)

cable car Taste the high life in Hong Kong
Discovering new peaks of luxury!
(December 2015)

Winter Sun? Souk some up in Agadir
A winter break that doesn't break the bank!
(October 2014)

From Bangkok to Singapore
A luxury train ride in the Far East
(July 2014)

Mayan thumbMake Mayan a Cruise: Sailing around Central America in the lap of luxury
A cruise to remember
(October 2013)

The Keys to my heart: This Florida fan always returns to the Sunshine State
Tom returns to one of his favourite haunts, the sunshine state of Florida
(May 2013)

st martin harbourIsland paradise: Holidaymakers will struggle to find fault with France's flawless Ile de Re
Tom discovers a little piece of France on two wheels (March 2013)

bahamasProbably the best beach in the world: A real slice of paradise in the beautiful Bahamas
Get ready for a beach treat, the Bahamas certainly lives up to its glowing reputation. (January 2012)

harrachov craftsmanThe craftsmanship here is clear to see
Tom Mangold visits Harrachov in the Czech Republic to see Europe's oldest glassworks company. (September 2011)

thumb bermuda UFOs and European charm - there's more to Bermuda than the Triangle
Tom Mangold visits Bermuda.
(November 2009)

Nevis: The Caribbean island gem set to steal Antigua's crown
Tom Mangold visits Nevis.
(August 2009)

A Seabourne Safari
Tom Mangold visits the African continent.
(May 2008)

boobyHow I took the Beagle to Darwin's Galapagos
Tom Mangold goes in the wake of the great man to the islands that inspired his theory of evolution. (February 2008)

Montserrat - West Indies
Tom Mangold visits this little-known island in the Caribbean and finds out how it has recovered from the 1997 volcano. - (July 2005)

North and South - Maine and South Carolina
If you're looking for a different kind of American holiday, visit the Hilton Head, South Carolina, and Bar Harbor, Maine. - (April 2001)

Panoramic Panama
Tom Mangold revisits the Central American eco-tourist idyll he discovered before the celebs - and is delighted to find it as unspoilt as it was when he visited six years ago. - (March 2005)

The Bees Knees... in Belize
Belize has more than its fair share of luxurious island hideaways. But, as Tom Mangold discovered, the cheaper options can be just as alluring. - (September 2003)

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila ... floor
Tijuana, a city of hedonistic excess, makes the ideal one-night stopover as a springboard to explore old Mexico - (January 2002)



August 2019: Mangold has just completed a special one hour documentary for BBC 2 called "Keeler, Profumo, Ward and Me" to be shown later this year in conjunction with a six-part drama on BBC 1 about the Christine Keeler/John Profumo sex and spy scandal of 1963. Mangold's film contains new revelations about the scandal together with never before broadcast tapes of the leading figures in the story that gripped the nation in the early sixties.

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