Curriculum Vitae (continued)

In September 2006, Mangold wrote, reported and presented a major 4-part landmark series for BBC Radio 4, "Driven By Oil". The series which investigated the major issues surrounding global oil was much praised:

'Don't miss's highly listenable with Mangold personifying the kind of reporter television used to have - seasoned, reasoned, one who knows the best sources for information and asks them the right questions, no matter how awkward their answers.' Gillian Reynolds. Daily Telegraph Sep. 5th 2006.

'The excellent Tom Mangold....provocative and stimulating'. Martin Hoyle. Financial Times Sep 4th 2006.

'Tom Mangold presents this important an admirably clear opener.' The Observer Sep 3rd 2006.

In May 2007, Mangold made a full length documentary for BBC TV, 'Race Hate In Louisiana.' The film was widely acclaimed for its graphic revelation of a new kind of 'stealth racism' in America's Deep South.

In March 2008, Mangold's follow-up documentary for BBC 2 TV on race relations in Louisiana - 'Deep South Divide' was reviewed by AA Gill in the Sunday Times:

'(Tom Mangold) was sent to America and showed us precisely how an outside eye can see, if not more, then with a new clarity...he went through the evidence with a rigorous thoroughness....I wanted to reach into the screen and shake Mangold by the hand. He'd done something so rare these days it seemed almost miraculous. He'd gone to a story and asked questions without first determining what the answers needed to be.'

Also in March 2008 Mangold reported, wrote and presented a full ten-part series - 'The FBI at 100' - for BBC Radio 4 celebrating the centenary of the FBI. The Times reported:

'It says much for his raw material that Tom Mangold's dry-as-dust delivery fails to detract from the excitement of this ten-part history.'

The Daily Telegraph praised Mangold's 'taut' script.

The Observer reviewed the series as "lively...with sobering reminders of just how shameful were the Bureau's early years....with some great description."

'The crowning achievement of the series has been to allow its presenter, Tom Mangold, to speak in whole a director in a chair waving a megaphone, Mangold wields total control with his electric delivery, stopping off for a bit of contemplation, throwing up images of things to come.' New Statesman. March 17th 2008.

In November 2008, Mangold made the first exclusive one-hour film documentary for BBC TV on the background to the notorious Russian arms dealer Victor Bout who was arrested in Bangkok following a `sting' run by the American Drug Enforcement Adminitsration.

In September 2009 Mangold completed a highly successful ten part investigation into the Bermuda Triangle story for BBC Radio 4. The series was greeted with acclaim by Gillian Reynolds in the Daily Telegraph:

'The reporter is sharp-eyed television veteran Tom Mangold...he's spent a year investigating...he's met witnesses and checked the original documents.'

And by Paul Donovan of the Sunday Times:

'Tom Mangold carefully, convincingly and comprehensively debunks the myth disguised as a mystery in this new 10-part series.'

The Sea Gangsters - A Radio 4 programme about Somali Pirates was aired in April 2011. The Guardian reported:

'Mangold's story was comprehensively and clearly told...never let up in its punchy delivery.... and he proved a dogged interviewer when faced with flannel.'

In July 2012 Mangold was invited to return to BBC TV Panorama to follow up on his prize-winning 1992 documentary about alleged corruption in the South Wales police force. He returned to Cardiff to investigate the twenty-year on-going scandal following the murder of a prostitute and the conviction of three innocent men.

"Justice Denied - the Greatest Scandal" was shown on BBC 1 on August 13th 2012.

In June 2013, Mangold reported and presented "Profumo Confidential" for BBC Radio 4, an hour long documentary in which he re-examined the fifty year-old Keeler/Profumo scandal which he had reported at the time.

In December 2014 BBC Radio 4 twice transmitted Mangold's special investigative documentary 'Jeremy Thorpe -- The Silent Conspiracy' which revealed for the first time the full extent of the steps taken by the British establishment in the seventies to hide the truth about the former Liberal party leader accused of conspiring to murder his homosexual lover. The documentary received glowing reviews. Fiona Sturges in the Independent wrote:

"Veteran journalist Tom Mangold's documentary on Radio 4 was quite something...a meticulously researched and damning account....the programme fizzed with eye popping audio footage...this was masterful storytelling from Mangold." 

In June 2018, Mangold's `Lost Panorama' on the Jeremy Thorpe scandal which could not be shown for forty years for legal reasons was finally transmitted on BBC4. The one-hour special documentary gave the channel the biggest audience it has ever had, and was received to national acclaim making headlines throughout Britain.

Mangold is also a best selling author with four books to his credit:

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August 2019: Mangold has just completed a special one hour documentary for BBC 2 called "Keeler, Profumo, Ward and Me" to be shown later this year in conjunction with a six-part drama on BBC 1 about the Christine Keeler/John Profumo sex and spy scandal of 1963. Mangold's film contains new revelations about the scandal together with never before broadcast tapes of the leading figures in the story that gripped the nation in the early sixties.

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