Tom Mangold has written five books:


Splashed! is the ‘antidote to the conventional journalist’s autobiography’ – a compelling, hilarious and raucous revelation of the events that marked an extraordinary life in journalism.

Mangold describes his National Service in Germany, where he worked part-time as a smuggler, through his years in the 1950s on Fleet Street’s most ruthless newspapers, a time when chequebook journalism ruled and shamelessness was a major skill. Recruited by the BBC, he spent forty years as a broadcaster, developing a reputation for war reporting and major investigations.

From world exclusives with fallen women in the red-top days to chaotic interviews with Presidents, Splashed! offers a rare glimpse of the personal triumphs and disasters of a life in reporting, together with fascinating revelations about the stories that made the headlines on Mangold’s remarkable journey from print to Panorama.

“A rollicking memoir... reminds me of Evelyn Waugh.” - Mail on Sunday

“A dazzling read. Riveting, raucous and revelatory.” - Anne Robinson

The File on the Tsar (with Anthony Summers)

The file on the tsarA remarkably successful international best seller which investigates in detail the circumstances surrounding the execution of the last Russian imperial family. The book was translated into ten languages, several editions and sells to this day.

"There is not a dull page in the book" - Sunday Times. "If you want a superb real life unputdownable mystery, this is it" - Len Deighton.

"An intriguing investigation into one of the mysteries of the century" - Frederick Forsyth.

The Tunnels of Cu Chi (with John Penycate)

Also available as an unabridged audio book from the following platforms:

cu chi coverThis book, still on sale world-wide fifteen years after it was first published revealed the astonishing story of the Viet Cong tunnels underneath Saigon and how the Americans were forced to fight beneath the earth of Vietnam. The book has sold over 100,000 copies internationally and remains a Vietnam War classic.

"This story is astonishing....the book reflects the best discipline and clarity of the author's reporting profession" The Times. Nov. 2005.
"Remarkable insight ... objective and even handed." - Washington Post.

Cold Warrior

Cold WarriorThe biography of legendary spy-hunter James Jesus Angleton former head of counter-intelligence of the CIA. The book remained several weeks in the London and New York best seller charts and has since become mandatory reading for all new recruits to the CIA's counter-intelligence division.

In 2006 the book was used as a full reference for the Hollywood film "The Good Shepherd" starring Matt Dillon playing the part of the James Jesus Angleton lead figure.

"One of the best books of the year - a fascinating and superbly researched narrative that represents a valuable contribution to the history of American intelligence" - New York Times Book Review.

"Important, thorough and intriguing" - Los Angeles Times.

"A searing indictment.... the research is compelling. Mangold has cracked the code on entering Angleton's secret world." - Washington Post.

"Mangold displays considerable literary skill" - London Sunday Telegraph.

"A painstaking and readable investigation.. setting new benchmarks for historians of the cold war." - The London Sunday Times.

"Mangold's sources, many of them never before heard from, convincingly challenge that air of omniscience that Angleton cultivated". Time Magazine

Plague Wars (with Jeff Goldberg)

Plague wars  book coverFirst detailed revelations of how close the world is moving towards biological warfare. The book uncovers the duplicity of the Soviets and the Russians in dealing with the West; reveals the truth about biological warfare preparations world-wide: the threat from "rogue" states, and details how germ wars has already begun in Southern Africa.

"Plague Wars begins where fiction leaves off." - Tom Clancy. "Reminds the world that the grisly development of biological warfare remains a bustling cottage industry among rogue states." - Hil Anderson - United Press International.

" excellent and timely introduction to this alarming subject". Washington Times.


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